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Paparazzi Possible October 2021

Paparazzi Possible

Again, I am so excited to be able to participate in this great opportunity!  For the month of October 2021, Paparazzi will be raising money to support two orphanages in the Dominican Republic that are close to our hearts.  During our incentive trip in January, 2019, we spent time with these children and renovated their school and playgrounds.  They still need our help, so Paparazzi is raising money to provide much needed food, clothing and school supplies for these children. 

To assist with this cause, for the month of October 2021, at least 10% of all sales on CarasShop.com will go towards purchasing food, clothing and school supplies for the children in the orphanages.  To learn more about what we are doing, please read on...   

Paparazzi Possible

The paths that lead to Paparazzi are as varied and unique as our Consultants themselves. Some find Paparazzi in their search to fuel their jewelry obsession, while others arrive at the house that bling built looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves. As different as the origin stories may be, the common thread throughout them is hope. The hope that Paparazzi offers is real. Every day we get to see how hope can initiate change and make the impossible possible - and it all stems from a little thing we call confidence.
It begins the moment a customer puts on a piece of jewelry. This small act opens the door to compliments and connections, allowing the individual to carry their head a little higher. That new perspective sparks the inevitable question: what if? What if I am more valuable than I have been led to believe? What if I could change my family’s situation? What if I decided to go for it? Is it really possible? This is how confidence changes the world.
So, what do you do once you’ve seen the impossible become possible? You share that message of hope with as many as you can and make it a priority to lift others up. Most importantly, you actively seek out ways in which YOU can make a difference. And then you DO.

This is Paparazzi Possible.
Paparazzi Mission Statement - While $5 Jewelry may not change the world we believe those who wear it DO.

Along with local community outreach efforts, we will be collecting donations to support two orphanages in the Dominican Republic that are near and dear to our hearts. During our 2019 Paparazzi Passport Vacation, we had the opportunity to connect with these adorable children and their community. With an army of Consultants, over a two-week period, we poured our love, sweat, and tears into renovating their facilities, upgrading their classroom furniture, and installing new playground equipment for the children to enjoy. It was an immense undertaking and the impact has been substantial. 

Now, almost three years after we completed that project, the kids need our ongoing support by way of food, school supplies, clothing, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene products. When we say every little bit helps, we mean it! For the same price as a piece of your favorite jewelry, we can provide food for one of these children for five days. $5 to feed a child for five days! This is Paparazzi Possible