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2021 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

Each year, Paparazzi’s stylists monitor the runways for the latest fashions and design our jewelry lines to be the perfect compliment.  This year, we’ve identified four distinct styles...  Read on to learn more about them.

Casual Business

Over the past few decades, business attire has transitioned from business suits to business casual and this year’s trend is just a little bit different.  Paparazzi calls it “Casual Business”.  Unlike the business casual that we are used to – khaki pants and sweater sets, Casual Business takes it a step further and moves into oversized, colorful, comfortable clothing. 

Business doesn’t have to be boring and basic.  We have blurred the line between work and play by replacing pantsuits with short-suits and adding comfy oversized button-ups over boyfriend jeans and heels.  Working from home allows us even more freedom to have fun with colors and patterns to spice up your first impression on those Zoom calls!

Pearls and rhinestones from our Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection are a perfect complement to the exaggerated styles in our Casual Business trend, or add some drama with the metallic look and sparkle of our Magnificent Musings Collection.

The Clothes:                   Oversized, Colorful, Comfortable

Featured Collections:  Fiercely 5th AvenueMagnificent Musings 

Featured Colors:       

                                  Pantone colors for Casual Business 2021 Trend - Ultimate Gray, Buttercup and Desert Mist
A blue capri pantsuit and sneakers represent the Paparazzi Casual Business 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.A comfy oversized top, boyfriend jeans and heels represent the Paparazzi Casual Business 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.


Next up...

Dream Vacation

With a simple wardrobe change, we can travel to new locations without leaving home.  Bold, tropical prints and simplistic patterns in powerful colors drawn straight from nature take us to dreamy destinations.  Styles are simple and comfortable, like A-line skirts and draw-string pants.

Add a dose of dazzle to your staycation or weekend getaway with a pop of bright color or a tropical print, paired with fresh, funky bold jewelry trends from our Sunset Sightings Collection.  Add to the vibrant look of the Dream Vacation trend by layering bangles or featuring natural elements like wood or macrame in your accessories.  Incorporate some whimsicality into your vacation vibe with accessories from our Glimpses of Malibu Collection.

The Clothes:                   Bold & Tropical or Simple & Natural

Featured Collections: Sunset Sightings, Glimpses of Malibu 

Featured Colors:           

Pantone colors for Dream Vacation 2021 Trend - French Blue, Raspberry Sorbet, Illuminating, Burnt Coral, Willow, Rust


A bold tropical print and heels represent the Paparazzi Dream Vacation 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.A simple vibrant colored t-shirt paired with drawstring pants and wood accessories represents the Paparazzi Dream Vacation 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.



Garden Escape

An enchanting getaway with whimsical accents, decorative floral motifs and pastel colors.  Fabrics are lightweight and airy – fine cotton and sheers like chiffon and crepe.  Gingham prints are back as part of the Garden Escape trend, to remind us of nostalgic picnics in the park.  Dominant shoulders add structure to this style, while mock necks and lace add a vintage touch.

Our Glimpses of Malibu Collection is a natural compliment to the pastel tones and floral prints of the Garden Escape Trend.  Look for accessories engraved or adorned with vines and flowers and airy filigree accessories.  The copper and natural stone found in our Simply Santa Fe Collection adds an earthy element to this trend.

The Clothes:                    Florals and Gingham

Featured Collections: Glimpses of Malibu, Simply Santa Fe

Featured Colors:           

Pantone colors for Garden Escape 2021 Trend - Cerulean, Green Ash, Mint, Marigold and Amethyst Orchid


A floral dress in a soft sheer fabric represents the Paparazzi Garden Escape 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.A gingham dress with vintage styling and bold shoulders represents the Paparazzi Garden Escape 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.


Last, but definitely not least...


In sharp contrast to the other spring styles, our last style called #NoFilter encourages us to break free from the status quo, live out loud and wear your heart on your sleeve.  It’s time to make a statement with unapologetic confidence!  This style is intentional – your choices tell people who you are and what you stand for. 

The basis is an edgy, grunge look.  Graphic tees with bold lettering are paired with clothing featuring hardware and metallic accents like zippers, buttons and brads.  Acid-wash denim and trendy leather jackets with hardware accents are part of this look.  This is a “no rules” style, so deconstructed fabrics, sequins and distressed jeans are also welcome.  Add bold pops of color, like the Pantone shade “Illuminating”, to this trend.

The #NoFilter trend is a perfect match for the bold metallic accessories in our Magnificent Musings Collection.  In this trend the clothing makes the statement, so the suggested accessories are more neutral with subtle pops of color.  Magnificent Musings is a daring collision of gritty hardware and high sheen glitz.  Oversized chains are balanced with polished gems.  Texture and linear patterns are fused with glitzy rhinestones.  This style is about making the world take notice, so go for bold accessories and stack those bracelets!

The Clothes:                   Deconstructed Fabrics and Graphic T-Shirts

Featured Collections: Magnificent Musings

Featured Colors:        

                                  Pantone colors for #NoFilter 2021 Trend - Illuminating, French Blue and Ultimate Gray


An intentionally tattered sweater, casual jeans and bold black leather shoes represent the Paparazzi #NoFilter 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.A bold graphic tee pairs with cycling shorts to create an edgy grunge look that represents the Paparazzi #NoFilter 2021 Spring Fashion Trend.

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